Modifications Post Judgment Issues

Can I Modify My Divorce Order?

Regardless of the duration of your marriage, seeing it come to an end is a major transition in your life. Similarly, as time goes on after your divorce is finalized, other life changes will arise. Whether you pay or receive spousal maintenance or child support, these life changes may necessitate adjustments to your support agreements. At the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli, Ltd., we help individuals and families with all types of post-judgment issues and modifications to divorce decrees.

Recognizing Life Changes That Necessitate Modifications To Your Support Agreements

There are moments when it’s obvious that something needs to change with your support agreements. Perhaps you’ve lost your job or suffered an injury and can’t work. When you can no longer keep up with support payments, you risk falling into arrears or delinquency and facing consequences such as wage garnishment or the revocation of your driver’s license.

Although everyone’s circumstances are different, common reasons people pursue modifications to custody and support orders include:

  • One parent decides to move a considerable distance away, which may result in travel burdens or a decrease in time a child spends with one parent.
  • Changes to a parent’s job, schedule or income may necessitate adjusting the support amount.
  • Injury or illness may limit a parent’s ability to provide appropriate care and support.
  • Changes to a child’s lifestyle, such as extracurricular activities or other expenses, may arise.
  • One parent remarries.

A Lawyer Protecting You And Your Children From Paying Too Much Or Receiving Too Little

If you believe the other parent of your child is failing in his or her parental duties, you may wish to alter your custody agreement. Perhaps you have noticed pictures on Facebook or other social media. You can take action to ensure that your children are protected from negative exposure or mistreatment at the hands of their other parent.

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