Providing Stability Through The Guardianship Process

With more than 40 years of experience working with people throughout Illinois in family law matters ranging from adoption to divorce, attorney Frank Giampoli has witnessed firsthand life’s unpredictability and the consequences of being unprepared. That is why we help parents establish guardianships to ensure that their children are cared for should the unexpected occur.

Helping You Navigate The Guardianship Process In Illinois

At the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli, Ltd., we understand the confusion, frustration and worry that come with making difficult decisions regarding your children’s future. As your lawyers, we look to alleviate that stress by helping you make intelligent decisions that protect the long-term well-being of your children.

For many families, the failing mental or physical health of a parent necessitates establishing guardianship. In other cases, drug or alcohol addiction may compromise a parent’s ability to provide appropriate care. No matter what led to the need for guardianship, we can help you through the various processes:

  • We will stand with you when going before a superior court judge during a guardianship hearing.
  • If you are the person seeking guardianship, you must provide notice to the current caregiver that you are filing.
  • When pursuing a guardianship, you must file a petition with the circuit court.
  • A judge will review the petition and determine whether granting guardianship will provide for the best interests of the child.

By naming a guardian in your estate plan, you are leaving a record of your wishes that may expedite guardianship proceedings. We can help revise your estate planto ensure that your guardianship wishes are made clear.

Learn More About How Establishing Guardianship Can Protect Your Family’s Future

To discuss your responsibilities as a legal guardian or to learn how to name a guardian for your children in your estate plan, contact our Batavia law office by completing our online contact form or calling 630-406-8640.