Grandparents’ Rrights

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act provides for certain visitation rights for grandparents. If the biological parents of your grandchild have denied you visitation, you may petition for visitation and potentially pursue custody or adoption if the biological parent or parents prove incapable or incompetent.

A Strong Legal Advocate For Illinois Grandparents

If you believe that the biological parents of your grandchildren are incapable of providing a safe, stable home, you may wish to intervene by taking legal action to secure custody. At the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli, Ltd., we can help you assess whether you have a legitimate claim when:

  • A parent is incarcerated.
  • A parent is disabled and can no longer provide suitable care.
  • A parent is deceased.
  • A parent is abusive, incompetent or otherwise endangers the child.

A judge will consider numerous other factors when determining whether to grant visitation rights to grandparents:

  • The closeness or health of the relationship between the child and his or her grandparents
  • The physical and mental health of the grandparents
  • Whether the child currently or previously lived with the grandparent
  • The preferences of the child if he or she is mature enough to assert a preference
  • Evidence illustrating that a child will be negatively affected by being denied contact with his or her grandparents

Putting Children First During Custody And Visitation Disputes

Having helped numerous families through visitation and custody disputes throughout his 40 years as a family law attorney, our firm’s founder, Frank Giampoli, has seen firsthand how children can get caught up in the disputes of their parents, grandparents or other caretakers. That is why we stress the importance of putting the best interests of children first when settling any family law matter.

Whether you are a grandparent looking to preserve your relationship with your grandchildren or wish to pursue an adoption, contact us and speak directly with a skilled lawyer who can provide you with advice and a strategy for moving forward. Contact our Batavia law office by sending an email or by calling 630-406-8640.