Estate Planning

Estate Planning To Avoid Future Disputes

You spend your life working hard to build your estate and accrue wealth. To ensure that the results of your labor are protected should the unexpected happen, reach out to us at the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli, Ltd., and learn how we can help you create an estate plan.

Protecting Your Family With An Estate Plan

An estate plan can be an invaluable resource to your family should you become incapacitated or perish unexpectedly. Not only will an estate plan clearly define your final wishes, but it can help your family avoid paying unnecessary taxes, ensure that property and assets go to the people you want and minimize many of the delays and costs of going through probate.

By sitting down with attorney Giampoli, you will have a chance to share your wishes for your estate. There is little room for ambiguity in estate planning and your documents should be tailored to your individual needs. When drafting your estate plan, attorney Giampoli will see that your wishes and goals are clearly and concisely outlined to avoid burdening your family with conflicts or civil litigation when dividing your estate or seeing to your affairs.

We use various legal tools to craft an estate plan that fits your needs, including:

Regardless of your age, health or the state of your finances, it’s wise to begin planning for the future as soon as possible. Although many people wait until later in life to consider estate planning, putting it off only puts you and your family at risk should the unexpected happen. Reach out to us and speak with a lawyer to get started.

We Prepare The Estate Planning Documents That Secure Your Family’s Future

To learn more about estate planning, probate and estate administration, contact attorney Giampoli via email by filling out an online contact form. You can also schedule a consultation by calling our Batavia, Illinois, law office at 630-406-8640.