New Beginnings And Brighter Futures Through Adoption

Adoption is one of the most positive aspects of family law. By helping to take a child out of a difficult or dangerous situation and placing him or her in a safe, loving home, we at the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli, Ltd., derive a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that our efforts help bring families together.

Whether you require counsel for an international or private adoption, the adoption of a grandchild, stepchild or other relation, or simply wish to carry out a re-adoption to clear up birth and adoption records, attorney Frank Giampoli will help you pursue an outcome that legally solidifies the relationship you have with your adopted child.

As your lawyers, we will walk you through the complex applications and adoption processes to avoid any possible disruptions. We can also assist with difficult situations in which a biological parent might be hesitant to terminate his or her parental rights. Once your adoption is complete, we will be there for you should you require additional services such as writing your newly adopted child into your estate plan.

Re-adoption In Illinois

For families that choose to pursue an international adoption, the initial adoption process is usually finalized in the foreign country where the adoption takes place. Upon returning to their home state, it’s a good idea for families to re-adopt or formally recognize the adoption. In many cases, the foreign adoption or birth documents are in a different language. This may prove to be a problem as the child gets older and applies for jobs, licenses and other materials that require birth documents.

Once you and your newly adopted child return to Illinois, get in touch with our attorney and take the necessary steps to ensure that your child has an Illinois birth certificate and that all necessary documents are in order.