Divorce and Family Law

Divorce and Family Law

When you are considering or facing a divorce, you are dealing with one of the most emotional and difficult times for any family. Whether you have already been served with divorce papers or you are contemplating the dissolution of your own marriage, it is important that you seek an experienced divorce attorney.

At the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli in Batavia, Illinois, we are dedicated to helping our clients establish the necessary legal foundation to support their future life as well as meeting their family’s legal needs today. It is our primary objective to quickly and cost-effectively resolve your case without causing needless expense to your family.

Divorce Is More Than Just A Court Case. It’s About Your Future.

With a location in Batavia, the Law Office of Frank J. Giampoli is prepared to represent clients throughout the western suburbs of Chicago. We have a long history of helping clients who face serious family law matters, including:

As a divorce lawyer, Frank Giampoli is dedicated to asserting the rights of clients involving financial support, child custody, visitation arrangements, child and spousal support, and the division of assets after a divorce. We understand that every situation is unique and that each client faces different issues at the time of divorce. Whether you are concerned about child custody, support or property, we will take the time to understand your immediate and future needs and create an appropriate solution for your family.

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We understand both the difficulty of divorce and the issues people sometimes get hung up on — issues that keep them in divorce court instead of moving them into a better future. We will work with you toward a solution that creates a better life for you and your family. Contact us today for a free half-hour consultation by sending an email.