Changes to child support law

March 24th, 2018|

I’m new to the Blogging scenario, so please be patient with me.  However, I get so many Inquiries about how the child support law changed that I thought it would be valuable to my clients, both past and future, if a brief explanation was provided here.

Recently, the state of Illinois went from a percentage child support law, to an income sharing type of law. Under the old law, depending upon the number of children, a percentage was taken from the nonresidential parents income and paid as child support. Under the new law, the income of both parents is determined so that a calculation of the total child support obligation can be made. Then each parent pays a percentage of that based upon their comparative income.  This appears to be a much fairer system to all parties.

If you believe that you are overpaying child support, or not receiving the proper amount of child support, we can assist you with that inquiry.  Please make an appointment and bring your paperwork with you, so that we can go over the numbers with you to see if you would be entitled to either a reduction or an increase. We look forward to being of service to our clients in this regard or in any other legal matter that you may have. Thank you.